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Every Pre Order entitles our suporters to one Pre-Sale Token redeemable for one (1) VXPASS either through the VXPASS Platform or with your local doctor.

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VXpass is ...


Using VXpass is as easy
as using your


VXpass tokenizes
the innoculation process
protecting patients and their data.


VXpass uses Smart Objects for patients to securely share their token with Health Care Providers.

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Click, Scan, Share.

VXpass frees government, HCPs, insurers, and pharmaceutical companies of the burden of building an infrastructure to handle this unprecedented influx.

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  • Secure digital identity.
  • As easy as using your camera.

Why Is VXpass
Important Now?

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In A Simple
Familiar Application.

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VXpass Works

For Patients

VXpass is made to empower patients. Distributing 640 million doses of vaccine will require patients to seek care at 'non-traditional' healthcare providers. This might be a National Guard tent or your local high-school.

Unfortunately, the vaccine candidates require two-doses and are not compatible. Patients who recieve care from non-traditional providers need to document both the course & date of treatement to make sure they recieve the correct second dose. How will a National Guard tent or a high school track this sensitive health data?

With VXpass the patient is in control of their digital token, and can securely share it with healthcare providers, ensuring the second course of treatment completes the process completely & uniformly.

This means that patients do not need to return to the same vaccination center to complete their course of treatment.

For Point of Care Providers

With VXpass providers can easily tokenize a course of treatment at the click of a button. They can also send the token to the patient simply by using the camera.

Patients can confirm that the second dose offered will complete their regimen before it's administration, with a snap of their camera.

This means that patients do not need to return to the same vaccination center to complete their course of treatment.

For Manufacturers

With VXpass Manufactures create whitelists of healthcare providers, author tokens representing each dose, and distribute the tokens across the whitelist in just a few simple clicks.

This provides manufacturers the opportunity to see real time data about the velocity and locations of distribution, to better anticipate the re-stocking needs of individual providers.

VXpass' infrastructure can also allow patients to psudononymously provide feedback (notes) directly to the manufacturer via the unique individual's Vaccination Token.

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